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  • weerapong-chaipuck-photography-4

    Photography tips: Weerapong Chaipuck

    Re-expirence your holiday by the pictures you took is a great feeling. Some pictures are better than other, with some small tips you can create stunning pictures which ...

    On February 20, 2014 / By
  • JOAP_Malta


    Enjoy the tranquility of the Island of Malta. Malta is a great holiday destination but also has a great history, from the shipwrecking of St.Paul, to the Tamplars ...

    On February 19, 2014 / By
  • Air_new_Zealand_02

    Safety in Paradise

    A great way of showing the airsafety instructions by Air New Zealand. Bleu sea, white beaches, palm trees and Beautiful woman. Ow! and don’t forget to look at ...

    On February 14, 2014 / By
  • Header_surf_01

    Surf around the Globe

    Bali, south of France, and even in Holland i’m trying to catch a wave now and then. I love to surf, especially when the weather is nice. Nothing ...

    On February 12, 2014 / By
  • Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 5.26.23 PM

    Fast Talk App

    Fast Talk provides hundreds of easy to access phrases from the world’s most used languages. Defiantly a must have when you travel around the globe. Watch the video ...

    On February 12, 2014 / By
  • JOAP_GoCatalunya

    Go Catalunya

    I really enjoyed my holiday in Catalunya. The weather was great, +30 degrees  in summer. The beaches were nice, the water was clear and the food was delicious. ...

    On August 29, 2013 / By